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Ensure the high efficiency of iron powder briquette machine work is introduced

Ensure the high efficiency of iron powder briquette machine work is introduced

Iron powder briquetting machine is mainly used for pelleting ferrous and non-ferrous metal ore powders, thus improving their added value. All the materials that contain powdery particles and need clinkering need to use iron powder ball machine including fly ash, sludge, sinter, slag, iron finemean, aluminum powder and bementite powder.

Iron powder briquette machine

Iron powder briquette machine is a new type of product according to the tailings collection and recycling in our country, to make full use of resources. Main parts of the machine are the feeding system, auxiliary motor, transmission system and hydraulic pressure protection device. The machine can processing aluminum powder, magnesium powder, mineral powder, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone, pigments such as granulating or briquetting. In the production process, how to ensure the normal work, improve the efficiency of the work? This is also one of the problems the user often consult, If want to ensure the high working efficiency of iron powder briquette machine, all parts, the maintenance work must be done well and do a regular maintenance. Every time when stop machine, need to clean up the dust on the briquette machine, should also pay attention to the dust removal in the assembly process, to prevent the dust intrusion into machine moving parts. Every few days to observe the abrasion of parts, with reducer as an example, specific steps is open the inspection cover of the reducer, check the gear teeth and wear conditions. When wear serious need to replace parts in time. In addition, in terms of in the production process encountered difficult demoulding, plugging material phenomena, there are many kinds of its failure reason, common have the following three. One is the humidity of material is not appropriate, the other is briquette machine roll ball socket is not very smooth, there is ball socket depth is not appropriate, the size of the ball is not reasonable, need according to the specific situation to improve measures. Find out the cause of the failure, to solve definitely for the cause. Since this can achieve efficient of iron powder ball press machine.


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